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Umano Medical comes alive through its dynamic and talented employees driven by their passion for learning, innovate and challenges. We may explain this love of the profession by our collaborative and professional ambiance, our social benefits, our active social life, but mostly by our respected values which represent our corporate identity.

Everyone is invited to take part in this enriching experience because at Umano, people’s talent is our key to success!

5 reasons to join our team!

Our values are at the core of our corporate identity. They represent who we are and they drive us to achieve and exceed. Our integrity makes us a reliable partner in the field of medical equipment. Therefore, by becoming a Umano Medical employee, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself of a strong sense of belonging towards a growing company.

Umano Medical’s social life is filled with various social activities to maintain our team spirit. From our pleasant happy hours, our summer BBQ, our garden party, to our team building activities, any occasion is good to strengthen relationships within employees.

Medical field is constantly changing and improving. Every day, the challenge of developing new technologies that will make the difference in our society leads our team. By choosing a career at Umano Medical, you’ll have an optimist vision of science and well-being of the population.

Besides our mission to take care of our patients and our customers, Umano Medical ensures the well-being of its employees by focusing on their personal and professional growth. It’s the reason why our business is committed to offering a stimulating work environment, a gym, outdoor lunch areas, shared transport service and even more!

At Umano Medical, team work is very important. Daily, our employees have to face different challenges. Together, we share ideas, develop strategies and deliver solutions that enable us to reach our full potential.

Alone we go faster, together we go further.

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